Neil Mahoney Death – Film Editor Neil Mahoney Has Died

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Neil Mahoney Death – Obituary, Dead : Neil Mahoney has Died

A new death announcement has been made on social media on January 9, 2021. The passing age has not be learned. In the spirit of mourning the painful departure of Neil Mahoney, friends and families are making using of their social media timeline to express grief and sadness. In many death cases, accident, health issues, shooting death, stabbed to death and more are common causes of death but no information has reached us to the passing of Neil Mahoney. There are no much details to this.

In a series of tweets, Paul F. Tompkins said:

Yesterday my friend Neil Mahoney suddenly passed away. He was a wonderful person & I am proud to have been his friend. I am stunned and sad and angry. Although we had worked together countless times, we only ever hung out one-on-one on exactly 1 occasion. We met for happy hour at a bar near both of us and had a terrific time just talking about life and whatever. When we said goodbye, we said We should do this again! and we meant and we just never did.

I wish we had! I was about to write “I should have seen him more” but I’ve lived long enough to know that we just can’t do things that way, life is weird and messy and we can’t live under that internal pressure. We have to be in the moment as much as we can already, we can’t also be thinking “THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIME I SEE THIS PERSON” (fwiw the last time I saw Neil in person was two years ago) So I will say I wish I’d seen him more. I wish we’d hung out together and shot the shit, just the two of us, more than once. Really, what it all comes down to when you lose a friend is: I wish I had more time.

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Our Prayers…

We pray that God almighty comfort those with heavy hearts. May everyone who have been affected by this death be comforted. The heartbroken, the weak, the abandoned… may they find strength to carry on. It is a sad thing, losing a loved one is very difficult, the feelings that come from the realization that we will never see again. It terrifies, it traumatizes and it feels like the end of the world… It is not, through the Grave of God, you will find strength again and your joy shall be renewed and refilled. Almighty will grant you the strength and courage to carry on.

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